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Three children in an orphanage have gotten their dreams all mixed up, and it's up to you to bring them back to their rightful place. But with the warden keeping watch, that's easier said than done!


In seven days, the students in the Game and Multimedia Course at the Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts were assigned to complete their small working arcade game in Unity, as well as coordinate their game details, features, and schedules as needed to make the production happen after 4 months into the course.  

For students learning how to use game technology for entertainment or VR and AR applications, figuring out how to plan and run a project is an essential skill to have, especially when building a portfolio and gaining work experience. This applies not only to game development, but also for companies that use game technology for architecture visualization, educational games, advertising apps, and beyond. We hope to show members of the gaming community and more what students are capable of doing within a very short period of time and with little experience. In addition, we hope it demonstrates to those aspiring to work in the industry and parents that an education in game development and design can develop plenty of marketable and valuable skills for a future career.

For those interested in the creation process, check out the link below:


Dreamshifter.zip 61 MB

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